Kamera MOBOTIX V12-Sec

Kamera MOBOTIX V12-Sec

Resolution 3MEGA, 2048x1536, CMOS sensor color, MEGA, 1280x960 CMOS sensor black/white (IR-sensitive), Sensitivity (color): 1 lux (t = 1/60 sec) / 0,05 lux (t = 1/1 sec), Sensitivity (BW): 0,1 lux (t = 1/60 sec) / 0,005 lux (t = 1/1 sec), Image formats: 2048x1536, 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240, 160x120 pixels, custom formats (e.g. 1000 x 400) Zoom: Continuous digital zoom up to 8x, camera software integrated panning/tilting

Lenses L22 Super Wide Angle 22 mm (90°Hx67°V; in 10m: 20,0m x 13,3 m), L43 Wide Angle 43 mm (45°Hx34°V, in 10m: 8,2m x 6,1m)

Max. Frame Rate 10 fps 3MEGA • 14 fps MEGA • 30 fps VGA • 30 fps TV-PAL • 30 fps CIF

Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet, ISDN S0 (RJ45), RS232 (D Sub 15 HD socket), 3 x In, 1 x Out

Sensors Video Motion Detection, illumination value, temperature, microphone

Features Web server, FTP client, e-Mail, ISDN PPP server/client, Multiview, recorder/player, softbuttons, IR-Illumination, RS232 data logger, RS232 Web terminal; IP Notify (send, receive) for external management systems, integrated VoIP from/to browser, ISDN telephony, SIP video telephony and alarm messaging, IP announcement, PDA web pages, MxPEG live, logo generator, snapshot recording (50 pre-, 50 post-alarm images), video audio recording at 30 fps in VGA (event- and/or time controlled); event- and time-controlled storage: internal, via FTP on web server or PC on the LAN (Windows/Linux NFS/Mac); direct access to images, therefore, no FTP required (although possible), scheduled privacy zones, flexible event logic, master/slave arming

Video Ring Buffer 64 MB internal image/event storage (approx. 4.000 images 320x240, high quality)

Dimensions 248 x 185 x 153 mm (WxHxD)

Standard Delivery Vandalism-protected stainless steel housing (3 mm), gray, manual, Allen wrench, stainless steel screws with dowels, patch cable S/FTP yellow 8-wire 3 m (double-shielded), incl. Power supply

Cena EUR 0,00

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